You already know all the motivational shit, so there is no point in going “ra ra you can do this” on you. Everybody’s trying to motivate you, to inspire you or even worse – to make you fix all your shortcomings by paying lots of money. Screw your shortcomings.

You don’t need to be perfect in order to build your dream!

It’s 2018!

It has never been that easy to build your dream. To go after what you want. We have absolutely no right to complain – especially about not being motivated. Unless you are ill the reason why you are not motivated and inspired every morning when you wake up is because you don’t like what you are doing, and you have no idea on why you suffer.

The truth is every athlete is suffering in order to be the best in their discipline and they are not complaining. Why? Because they know their why.

Do you care about what other people think of you? Then you’re screwed. If you consider other people’s opinion of you as more important thanfailing again and again until you fall into greatness,you will literally stay stuck in your comfort zone.

For many people it’s a combination of both – not knowing what you want and caring too much about what other people might think. That’s killing you alongside all your potential.

Do you actually know what you’re doing? Are you clear on your goals? Do you really want to waste your talents by caring about other people’s opinion of you? What do you want?

Whatever it may be, you need to reverse engineer your day to day action. It’s simple. Pretty basic.

You need to deploy self-awareness. Get coaching. You’re going to have to start paying attention to what you say (language and thinking), feel (emotions and mood) and how you hold yourself (movement and body posture).

If you want something, go and get it, but you need to make a decision today! You’ve got only one chance – only one life. What are you waiting for – It’s time! Let’s meet up #OneOnOne?

Are you going to do whatever it takes? Let me know!

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