I finally received my Newfield Asia Certified Coach credential (NCC™).

What a crazy journey it has been.

With all the challenging moments along the way like moving from Germany to Singapore, getting engaged to the love of my life, losing my job in Singapore, postponing the wedding indefinite, not fulfilling the expectations of family, friends and especially myself and having to leave Singapore to move back to Germany – this has been the richest and most rewarding journey in my life so far.

As it is with all the wonderful and rewarding experiences in my life, I didn’t get there on my own. There were tons of people that believed, trusted, loved, supported and inspired me to wear the white belt and to keep on practicing with the mindset of a beginner.

I think what all of this has shown me is how wonderful the people are that were part of this journey. The people who stuck with me throughout, holding my hand while I was crying, as well as the ones who loved me enough to be honest, even though it did hurt.

I’m so grateful that today I am able to celebrate all of those relationships.

Thank you so much – everyone!


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