After we saw everyone moving from Radion 📻 to TV 📺, and from there to our SmartPhones 📱 I believe that the future is Audio 🎧 and Voice 🗣.

The number of people listening to podcasts is increasing dramatically ❗️. The reason is super simple: “Listening to a podcast is passiv.” You can do it while you’re driving a car 🚗, doing the laundry 🧺 or working nightshift 🌕 operating some machines ⚙️.

So, because I believe that the future is Audio 🎧 and Voice 🗣, here comes my new Podcast:

On my podcast The Sebastian Schick Audio Experience, you’ll hear episodes of my Small Talk interview sessions 🎙, a mix of my best highlights from my Sebastian Schick Original videos 🎥, Keynote Speeches on Leadership, Communication and Confidence 🎤, Fireside Chats 🔥, and Daily Thoughts 🧠 that I record just for this audio experience.



Well, that’s what I believe.

I am curious! Tell me what you think? 🤔 

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