No one escaped the Darkness alive. The Darkness had come. An evil scourge that sucked the life out of everything, leaving entire cities, countries and continents dead in its wake. Only one city remained, the last bastion of humanity in a lifeless, grey world. Encora. Encora was once a magnificent place, filled with brilliant light. Its citizens were unique; they were superheroes. Each one had special powers, and the city thrived under their care. But with the Darkness came destruction and turmoil. Bit by bit, the heroes found their powers fading away. A massive wall was built, nuclear bombs were detonated, but still the Darkness crept closer.

Fear and suspicion reigned. Encora now lived in dread, sealed off from the rest of the dead world by a colossal dome. But there was a prophecy. A Beloved Son would come, and the Darkness would crumble at his feet. And there was a young man, who never stopped believing. This is a story about fear and loss, hope and courage. This is a story about daring to be different, so that we can make a difference. Most of all, this is a story about love.

This unique book comes with chapter insights that help you expand your perceptions, challenge the mundane and listen to your heart.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride.

Much love.



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