You’re Taking A Powerful Step Towards Greatness, Right Now.

You have everything it takes to get to where you want to go to, but somehow, you’re stuck. You have a great vision for your business, career, relationship and life, yet it feels like a constant struggle to achieve that – and you’re tired. Frustrated. Almost ready to give up.

I’m glad you haven’t given up.

Because here you are, with all the grit and courage you need, ready to do something different to achieve your goals.

Have an honest conversation with yourself right now. What’s in the way of you achieving your goals? What behaviours, thoughts and emotions consistently interfere with your pursuit of the results you want?

My guess is, you’ve been seeking the answers to these questions, and that’s why you’re here. Congratulations. You’ve taken a powerful step in the right direction.

Ask Yourself This.

Am I stuck, frustrated, drained? You’ve exhausted almost every means you know of, but you’re still not getting the results you want. And you want to figure out what’s in the way, to supercharge your performance in every arena.

Do self-doubt, insecurities and feelings of inadequacy plague and sabotage me? You constantly berate yourself for not being good enough, or you tell yourself you should be doing better/more than this, never pausing to take stock of where you’re at. It’s tiring, isn’t it?

Is fear a limiting or driving factor for me? So many things you want to do, so many things you want to create, and so many things that remain trapped in you because of all the What If’s. What if I fail? What if I regret not doing this? What if I’m not doing enough? What if all my efforts are for nothing?It’s a disempowering and draining conversation, and we’re here to change that.

What’s my relationship with the Big F? Failure can be disappointing, heartbreaking and sometimes crippling. So crippling that you stop taking action, so that you never have the chance to fail again. Unfortunately, that means you’ll never get to taste success either.

When was the last time I took care of myself? It’s easy to get so entrapped by our work and obligations that we stop looking after the engine that keeps everything running – our own bodies.

Am I willing to do whatever it takes to achieve whatever that’s important to me? Executive coaching is not for the faint of heart. You will be staring hard in the mirror at everything that currently works and doesn’t work for you. And then you’re going to change things until you discover your own swing, your own formula to achieve the greatest success you can think of. Is it tough? Yes. Is it worth it? For the life you’ve always dreamt of, the answer is a definite yes.

Am I ready to be a leader? Yes. Yes, you are. As your coach, I’ll hold you to that, until you discover and unleash your own power.

Executive Coaching Pushes You To Your Peak.

Executive Coaching is one of the most powerful tools available that supports you in getting rid of the internal obstacles that hinder you from creating the life, career and relationship that you’ve always wanted.

I coach holistically, helping you to grow your capacity, leadership skills, skill set and tools for tackling every situation life throws your way. And one of the most fundamental journeys you’ll undertake with me is one of self-awareness. You will see yourself in a whole new light – and you will create the best version of yourself possible.

And if you’re already at the top?

Go higher.

All the greatest athletes in the world have coaches to get them performing at their absolute peak, and then to get even better, until their only competition is themselves. Why shouldn’t you?

But Is The Change Worth It?

If just envisioning the journey towards the top intimidates and holds you back in your comfort zone, then my coaching probably isn’t for you.

If you’re fearful of change but hungry to BE BETTER, DO BETTER, HAVE BETTER,then let’s talk. The climb can be as easy or as hard as you choose… but you will make it to the top.

The truth is, humans have all evolved to resist change, because change causes discomfort, even pain. Evolutionarily speaking, we’ve learnt to stop or avoid pain, not go seeking it… even when change becomes necessary for getting what we want. We avoid the pain of potential failure, we avoid expending energy to form new habits, and we avoid unfamiliar conversations to protect ourselves. Stability, which used to be a survival tool, has now become an excuse, a disempowering defence mechanism.

Avoid change and you avoid success. Embrace change – CREATEchange – and you have the world at your fingertips.

It’s time to get out of the safe zone and transform your life.

We’re Experts At Tricking Ourselves.

We have developed ways of reacting to the world that allow us to survive… but not thrive. We tell ourselves that whatever we have is enough, that small spurts forward every now and then is an improvement. We end up believing ourselves, even though that little voice in our heads tells us that this could just be another tactic to avoid putting in real effort for sustainable change and growth.

We fool ourselves only because we’re not able to catch our own blindspots. We can’t see and experience ourselves the way the world does. Our brains are fantastic machines, built to handle and synthesize new information for the purposes of fight or flight. Once that information becomes familiar, we relegate it to the back of our minds, and our actions become unconscious.

We brush our teeth without thinking about how to move the toothbrush. We frown when we’re reading from a screen, without realising it. We take a familiar turn only to realise we meant to turn down another road. We don’t pay attention to ourselves, and this could be our biggest downfall when seeking change.

Are You Ready To Fast Track Your Growth & Expand Your Power?

Executive coaching enables you to constantly grow your capacity and skills to take on more challenges and create bigger results, with ease. Your relationship with both success and failure will change, and you will be the person who handles any setback or situation with confidence, power and leadership, without sacrificing your health and fitness or time with your loved ones. You get to walk the talk, and people will follow you.

However, the above takes work and commitment. It takes an unrelenting thirst for life. It takes courage to examine all your blindspots, and then take action to change every single one until you consistently create what you truly desire. It takes clarity and a compelling vision, and the willingness to challenge every single boundary that’s been your stumbling block towards achieving the life you want. It takes patience, to break down the entire journey into small parts, to examine every little thing that’s not working, and to practise different methods from the ground up, until you’re an expert in it. Until you see the powerful progress you’ve made, until you realise that all your old habits have now been replaced by effective ones that make you a powerful leader.

How Executive Coaching Creates Powerful Change!

Powerful change comes from the small, consistent steps we put in place that become transformational habits. For my clients to achieve this most effectively, I cycle through a simple four-stage coaching process: Awareness, Discovery, Creation and Practice.

STEP 1 – Awareness:

To kick-start the process of transformational habit change, we must first be able to detect the habits we currently have that don’t serve us! Habits are formed over a long period of time, and every behaviour we take must have been useful at some point in the past. The problem arises when we get so used to them that our behaviours become subconscious – even when they’re no longer productive or useful! These habits and behaviours become our blindspots.

In our conversations, I will hold up a metaphorical mirror for you to examine your own blindspots. Once you’ve identified them, you can determine if they’re still useful in your leadership journey, and whether you’d like to change non-productive behaviours into effective ones that empower you to lead.

STEP 2 – Discovery:

In this second stage, we explore new possibilities through a series of in-depth questions that allow you to discover what’s going on cognitively (head), emotionally (heart) and somatically (body). In other words, what thoughts, assessments and self-doubts do you have? What are your emotional responses to to certain situations? How does your body react to certain triggers, and what physical behaviours and practices do you have or want to have?

STEP 3 – Creation:

The third stage is where we start crafting your new habits and behaviours in detail. We create these in all three domains of Language, Emotion and Body, taking into account all the elements that will serve you. For example, we might design new thought processes and even different ways of speaking, sitting, standing and moving. It’s a collaborative process – we test out our design and tweak it until we land on one that fits and serves you.

STEP 4 – Practice:

True transformation requires repetition – we practise and practise your new habits until they become an integral part of your DNA, and your new subconscious behaviour. Every behavioural pattern activates a neural pathway in your brain, and the more you repeat the behaviour, the stronger the neural connection becomes. The less you use your old behaviours, the weaker that neural connection becomes. You can still call on the old habits when you need to, but it no longer becomes your default – and only – route towards your goals. We would have successfully expanded your range of behaviours, and created new patterns that enable you to lead powerfully. Not only that, you would be equipped with all the tools of awareness, discovery, creation and practice for you to build the life you want even after the coaching engagement has ended.

How The Coaching Relationship Works!

My coaching process with you starts right from the basics: getting to know each other, to see if our chemistry is aligned and will work for you. We go on to discuss, clarify, expand and refine the goals you have in mind, exploring in greater depth what you’re looking to achieve and how we can get you there. Throughout the coaching engagement, we will regularly take a step back to check on whether the processes we’ve put in place are working for you and your organisation.

The 2 Tiers of Coaching Engagement!

To better cater to yours and your organization’s needs, time and budget, I offer two different tiers of coaching.

Tier 1: One-To-One Engagement

For one-to-one engagements, I work in close collaboration with you as an individual. This tier provides ample 1:1 coaching time, plus unlimited access to me via email or voicemail between our regular sessions. Most of our sessions will be conducted via phone or video call, although I may offer limited Face-to-Face meetings for clients based in Germany, Singapore or even your home country if my travel schedule takes me there.

Tier 2: One-To-One & Context Engagement

In Tier 2 coaching, I work with you individually, as well as with your team, family or company. As the central pillar of this engagement, you will of course receive substantial 1:1 coaching with me, and you will have unlimited access to me via email or voicemail during our engagement.

This package includes options for workshop sessions or group coaching for your senior leadership team, and observations of and feedback for you and your team in the field. Such a team-based coaching approach – with you as the key player – ensures that transformation happens at a systemic, ground-up level, which is particularly beneficial for culture shifts and leadership succession planning.

When Should You Engage A Coach?

For coaching to work, there must be a collaborative and effective partnership between the coach and the client. In this case, collaboration and effectiveness depends on three things from you, the client: Readiness, Commitment and Ability.

Readiness:You’re hungry to break your plateau and/or create even bigger results for yourself. You want more. You WANT this.

Willingness: Wanting is just the tip of the iceberg. Many people want things – a Ferrari, a mansion, a private jet – but few people actually achieve these things. The difference is in the willingness to step out of your comfort zone, to try new and bigger things, to challenge yourself, to be challenged and to stay the course, no matter how tough it gets (and it doesn’t always have to be tough).

Commitment:Change doesn’t happen overnight. In coaching, change happens in a progressive series of small steps that get you clearer and closer to your target, as quickly as possible. This requires time, effort and commitment in making your coaching and assignments a priority in your life. You get the best results when you’re 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to get there.

You’re Ready to Go.

So, what’s next for you? You’ve come this far and you’re ready to take the next step towards unleashing your power, and you’re curious about what that would look and feel like for you, and how executive coaching will get you there.

Get in touch with me for a complimentary, no-strings-attached Leadership Blueprint Consultation. I’ll sit with you and walk you through the processes involved, including the exploration and crystallization of your goals, the areas of growth that are important to you, and the measurables that we can put in place for you to see your progress and know when you’ve hit your ultimate goal. I will answer any questions that you may have regarding executive coaching and our partnership.

There’s no risk involved and lots of value to gain just from this one session, so send me a message via the “Contact Me” button and let’s get the ball rolling towards greatness!



Sebastian is a great person that I admire. The workshop was inspiring and meaningful. Sebastian is a great facilitator. With his accommodating and energetic style he helped me and everyone else to get deeply involved in the content of the workshop. Today I am purposeful because of what I have learned. Thanks a million.
Ron Lee, CTO Advocado App, Singapore

I had the unique pleasure to work closely with Sebastian at a leadership conference in Singapore last week. I was very impressed by his professionalism and willingness to take a stand for people. If given the opportunity to work with Sebastian in the future, take advantage of being in the presence of an extraordinary man that will inspire you to greatness!

Tom Haupt, Founder and CEO at Haupt International Leadership Training

The training with Sebastian was a lot of fun! And at the end I was perfectly prepared for my challenge. Since I’m a competitive sportsman myself, I know exactly which qualities are essential for a coach. He’s patient, competent and if there’s a problem he always finds a solution. It’s been a great time!

Marcel Nguyen, artistic gymnast, silver medal in the Olympics 2012 and 4th place as Team in the Olympics 2008

The workshop facilitated by Sebastian was unbelievably valuable. He has helped us to redesign and improve how we work together. With great empathy, he also helped us to clearly define our own goals and to reach them step by step. Be ready to put yourself out there and you will get tremendous value working with him – for your business and also for life.

Thomas Gruber, Team Leader in an Social Enterprise, Germany

Sebastian is a committed and passionate coach. He is an excellent listener and communicator and wants the best for his clients. With his energy and enthusiasm he can truly help his clients get more awareness, enabling them to deal with challenging situations and move forward in their lives.

Monique Fanselow, PCC and Multicultural Leadership Coach, Communicator and Blogger, Switzerland

Working with Sebastian allowed me to ask myself the questions that I would not have otherwise had the courage to do so. Unlocking some of these answers has made a visible difference in my personal relationships and my professional performance. I have gained more respect and trust from my peers and superiors because I have been able to better define myself with the help of Seb. I highly recommend his coaching sessions to all professionals, no matter what career-stage they are at.

Ynez Ysabel Alcid, Strategy and Development Manager at Luxasia Pte Ltd, Singapore