3 Things We Do Every Day That Undermine Our Confidence.

We all have dreams and goals. Many of us wish for the confidence to go out and make our dreams a reality. And for many of us, having confidence is sometimes the goal itself. How often do we hear people or even ourselves go, “I wish I had the confidence to do that”? The question that’s almost never asked is, “how am I undermining my own confidence?”.



I finally received my Newfield Asia Certified Coach credential (NCC™). What a crazy journey it has been. With all the challenging moments along the way like moving from Germany to Singapore, getting engaged to the love of my life, losing my job in Singapore, postponing the wedding indefinite, not fulfilling the expectations of family, friends and especially myself and having to leave Singapore to move back to Germany - this has been the richest and most rewarding journey in my life so far. ...

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Stop being a VICTIM and start taking RESPONSIBILITY!

The other day, I was delivering a personal development / leadership training for a group of A-level students. At the end of the training, I asked them to rate their level of participation in the training. They rated themselves a three out of ten. They could have participated as a ten but well, they didn't. Looking at that result, something interesting happened to me: ...

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