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I have spent my whole life developing people. At the age of 12 I started teaching breakdance. In my early 20s I was promoted as a group leader for basic military training and at the same time I started to support people in the foundation and development of Christian churches. Since 2011 I have been working as an experiential trainer throughout Germany. Today I am a professionally certified coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the European Association for Supervision and Coaching (EASC). With a focus on Leadership Performance and Team Dynamics & Relationships, I combine the art and science of leadership. Currently I work with people and companies from eight countries in two languages on three continents. My simple and effective approach helps them in achieving their goals. In my spare time I write and am the published author of the children’s book “Fading Darkness” that combines a short novel with my holistic coaching approach. I have a beautiful daughter, am happily married, still love to dance and am a confirmed movie nerd.


Sebastian is a very good coach. His way of initiating change on the basis of a person’s value system and point of view is very convincing because it always starts at and broadens the person’s horizon. During our discussions I was impressed by his verbal skills – he always found the right words for each situation.

Roy Knop, Procurement Manager at BORNIT, Germany

Having Sebastian as my personal coach has been a great decision. Coming from very different culture, upbringing and experiences, his powerful questions challenged many of my entrenched “by default” beliefs and habits. His engaging, energetic and casual style was also very effective in helping me to think and act from a light and relaxed mood. Sebastian is a fresh breeze of air in the world of coaches, and I highly recommend him!

Dannie Zhuang, Senior Manager of Consumer & Market Insights at Unilever, Singapore

It wasn’t easy for me to admit that I didn’t know all the answers, but that is how my coaching journey with Sebastian started. It’s mindblowing how he always takes me from a state of ‚I don’t want to do anything’ to a state of ‚I’m going to move mountains’. And more than that, he helped me change my perspective and what I believe is possible in my fashion advisory business. Through our conversations I started seeing more possibilities and a big future for myself. I’m very grateful for the value he brings to my life through his coaching, friendship and as the caring person he is. That’s why I always recommend him to everyone without hesitation.

Assem Zhanaly, Financial Analyst at KREC Pte Ltd, Singapore

The training with Sebastian was a lot of fun! And at the end I was perfectly prepared for my challenge. Since I’m a competitive sportsman myself, I know exactly which qualities are essential for a coach. He’s patient, competent and if there’s a problem he always finds a solution. It’s been a great time!

Marcel Nguyen, artistic gymnast, silver medal in the Olympics 2012 and 4th place as Team in the Olympics 2008

Working with Sebastian allowed me to ask myself the questions that I would not have otherwise had the courage to ask. Unlocking some of these answers has made a visible difference in my personal relationships and my professional performance. I have gained more respect and trust from my peers and superiors because I have been able to better define myself with the help of Seb. I highly recommend his coaching sessions to all professionals, no matter what career-stage they are at.

Ynez Ysabel Alcid, Strategy and Development Manager at Luxasia Pte Ltd, Singapore

Sebastian is a great person that I admire. The workshop was inspiring and meaningful. Sebastian is a great facilitator. With his accommodating and energetic style he helped me and everyone else to get deeply involved in the content of the workshop. Today I am purposeful because of what I have learned. Thanks a million.

Ron Lee, CTO Advocado App, Singapore

I had the unique pleasure to work closely with Sebastian at a leadership conference in Singapore last week. I was very impressed by his professionalism and willingness to take a stand for people. If given the opportunity to work with Sebastian in the future, take advantage of being in the presence of an extraordinary man that will inspire you to greatness!

Tom Haupt, Founder and CEO at Haupt International Leadership Training

The workshop facilitated by Sebastian was unbelievably valuable. He has helped us to redesign and improve how we work together. With great empathy, he also helped us to clearly define our own goals and to reach them step by step. Be ready to put yourself out there and you will get tremendous value working with him – for your business and also for life.

Thomas Gruber, Team Leader in a Social Enterprise, Germany